26 juin 2009

Tarte Thé Tartine

Tarte aux fruits rouges maison + thé au jasmin...

Red fruits homemade pie + jasmin tea...

Tasse Habitat, assiette à dessert marron Habitat, cuillère ?, sucrier Primavera (ancienne marque de déco du Printemps, n'existe plus hélas)

Cup Habitat, chocolate dessert plate Habitat, spoon ?, sugar pot Primavera (used to be a brand of Le Printemps, which doesn't exist anymore, too bad)

7 commentaires:

  1. Beb, that pie looks so yummy and delicious. It made me get up and look for a dessert I can make this evening.

  2. Bali is so close and cheap its always a fun cheap holiday. Great when it gets cold here, you escape there for Sun. Saving for Amsterdam,Paris and UK in September. But I want to see snow!!! I wanT hold it in my hands. :)

    Your bike inspired my post! hahahah I Love it!

  3. That's so kind of you!!!
    I didn't know you'd liked my bike. I hope you'll find your bike really soon :)

    Bali : I can't wait!
    Everyone's telling us it's Paradise, cheap, nice people, beautiful landscapes, monkeys in the forest, sea, sun.....
    AAAAAAH!! :D

  4. ohh you will have a great time trust me!! It's impossible not too. Take lots of lovely pictures to share!

    I just checked out ebay. Great idea! Im watching one now! fingers crossed

  5. C'est pas des doudous que tu devrais faire !!!
    c'est ouvrir une pâtisserie
    *chez Valentine*
    ca a l'air vraiment super bon

  6. Et la tarte? Je la veux moi :D

  7. Punaise on est pas midi et tu m'as donné faim avec ta tarte!
    Elle a l'air succulente!


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