A picture an hour – July again

C’est en photos que je retrace cette journée de juillet, et pense faire de même à Rome, dans 15 jours (YAY !!)

That’s with some photos that I tell you about this day in July, and I’m thinking of doing the same with Roma, in a fortnight (YAY !!)

9 A.M – He prepared homemade pancakes ♥

10 to 11 A.M – Going to the local market : fresh fruits & vegetables

11 A.M – Batman the ornithologist…

12 noon – Crèpes ham/mushroom/egg & salad for lunch

2 P.M – Ride ride ride through all Paris

Veste & pantalon liberty Zara, top Topshop (old), shoes Mango, sac Muse II YSL

3 P.M – Limbo on his burrito ! Oléééééé !

4 P.M – Les bouquinistes on the quais de Seine : I adore the Beatles !

6 P.M – I love my Batmen & rainbows

7 P.M – Baking some muffins & Hello Kitty cakes (with the gift Kiki & Louise sent me from Okinawa, Japan !)

9 P.M – Writing my stuffs to do in my new agenda (she looks so much like me when I was a kid :)

P.S : Un des « TO DO » que je me suis noté dans mon agenda : mon RDV vendredi prochain au shooting mode pour le trimestriel VIVRE PARIS, sur le thème « Working boyz n’girlz » !! :D

P.S : One of the « TO DO » I wrote in my news agenda :my rendez-vous next Friday for a fashion shooting for the magazine Vivre Paris (Live Paris), on the theme  » Working boyz n’girlz  » !! :D

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