A picture an hour – August at home

9 A.M – Wake up, fall out of bed, drag a comb accross my head ♪♫

9.30 AM – Which marmeldade for my toasts..?

10.20 AM – Shower tiiiime !

11 AM – Sun is shining…for now.

12 noon – Some spices to put in the homemade guacamole

1 PM – Lunch !

2 PM – Zzzzz time for Batman

3 PM – Chilling on internet / watching TV / Doing nothing

4 PM – It starts raining cats & dogs…Uh oh.

5 PM – Still doing nothing…haha

6 PM – Cuddle time with Batman (he’s nice only around 6 PM, it’s his time).

7 PM – Bye bye rain !

9 PM – Watching Juno (again)

Notre prochain post DEFI LOOK en ligne jeudi 19 à 8h….Ca va être complètement déjanté, soyez au rendez-vous !!!

Our next LOOK COMPETITION post will be online next thursday, the 19th at 8 AM…It’s gonna be totally mad, be there !!!

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“A picture an hour – August at home”

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