A picture an hour on Sunday

J’adore le truc de « Une photo par heure », comme beaucoup d’autres bloggueuses font.
J’ai pris des tonnes de photos durant ma parfaite journée de dimanche : balade à vélo avec mon copain jusqu’à la Tour Eiffel, ensuite j’ai vu ma meilleure amie pour la session photos avec le masque de Batman aux colonnes de Buren, et enfin dîner au restaurant pour les 31 ans de ma grande soeur.

I love the « picture an hour » stuff, like many other bloggers do.
I took tons of photos last perfect Sunday : bike tour with my boyfriend to the Eiffel Tower, after that I saw my best friend for the Batman mask photo session in the Louvre courtyard, and finally dinner at restaurant for my sister’s birthday.

9 A.M – Breakfast. Batman likes my brioche!

10 A.M – Bike in Paris with him

11 A.M – La Tour Eiffel has her feet wet

Playsuit Urban Outfitters, trench Zara kids, oxfords ASOS

1 P.M – On Le Pont des Arts with Julie

Julie : Ring H&M, lovely flats Maloles

2 P.M – Scout toujours!

3 P.M – Love the kid playing in the background

Once again on this great blog!!! *proud*

4 P.M – Goûter!! Bought at Starbucks, my favourite is the Cinnamon roll :)

5 P.M – Checking my e-mails, Facebook, blog…

Stone ring H&M and silver ring vintage

6 P.M – My sister comes home : Batman finishes his nap in her arms :D

7 P.M – End of the nap : time to see what comes around….birds, squirrels?

9 P.M – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTA’! (she doesn’t look like she’s 31 ;)

& Once again on The fashion cloud and Blue is in fashion this year!!
I adore those blogs and I’m proud to appear on them. :)
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