A picture an hour – A Friday in April

J’ai passé une superbe journée vendredi dernier. Le soleil brillait, mon copain et moi avons parcouru plusieurs km le long de la Coulée Verte en région parisienne, et la prochaine fois nous pousserons jusqu’au magnifique Parc de Sceaux.

I had a lovely day on Friday. Sun was shining, my boyfriend and I made several km along the Coulée Verte (bicycle road), near Paris, and next time we’ll go to the wonderful Parc de Sceaux.

9 A.M – Croissants and my bf grandma’s homemade apricot’s marmelade for breakfast!!

10 A.M – Everyone wants to finish the crumbs….

11 P.M – Changing my nail polish : O.P.I « Pink-ing of you » ♥

1 P.M – Salad for lunch

2 P.M – We take our bikes, and go go go for a huge ride in the almost-country!

3 P.M – Break, in the grass

5 P.M – Homemade chocolate cake for tea-time

6 P.M – Bath, bubbles and a good novel.

7 P.M – Pajamas time : I re-do my bandage (just a beauty spot taken off

8 P.M – Some reading & raspberries…Did I mentioned I adore that author?

9 P.M – Playing with my FishEye camera


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